10 Bollywood Actresses Without Makeup- Real Face uncovered

Bollywood Actresses Without Makeup – Looks Ugly. Most don’t look ugly without make-up, they just look real. Guys… women are beautiful as they are, OK make-up helps, but that doesn’t mean that no make-up equals ugly.


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  • Mangesh Patil

    Bike without pick-up &
    Atress without make-up
    Bakwaas lati hai……

  • lokesh

    yaar en sab se aacche to hum log dikhte hai…..

    • caroline

      then upload ur pics. na……….:p

  • http://hindisms.org Neha

    My favourites – Karisma and Sushmita. I am delighted with the pics. When will I see Karisma in a hit movie again. I love her acting and I love her figure and face. Sush was very good in Dulha ban Gaya and I am waiting for another flick of hers. I am waiting to see karisma on screen again.