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SpeakAsiaOnline StarNews, Speak Asia is Fraud – Beware Star News

Today Star News broadcasted a report on Speak Asia, cautioning people that this company could cheat. Speak Asia claims to have clients like ICICI Bank. But according to Star News ICICI Bank has said that they are not the clients of Speak Asia. Star News has also warn the people to stay away from survey companies like Ram Survey and Green Prithvi.

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Latest Update on Speakasia must watch 14 may Star news – BJP leader going to file case against SpeakAsia

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You understand once company run away you cannot do anything whether there is office in India or not

Everyone talking about they advertisement in IPL match cost rupees 4lac per match.
If they spent 4lac, there are about 1 Billion+ population of India, if only 100 people join by watch this advertisement about 11 lac they earn.
100*11000= 11,00,000

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