Speakasiaonline Fake or genuine? Speakasiaonline Reviews

Who wants to have MILLIONS of dollars coming in EACH MONTH without having to do ANYTHING? Raise your hand!

Now the days very popular online survey company (speakasiaonline.com) By investing 11000/- rupees members earn about 4000/- rupees per month. Its this true?
Till date (April 2011) is YES

Speakasiaonline.com is (MLM) multi-level marketing.
MLM’s by itself are not illegal business but here’s what you should know about such schemes.

Recently MLM Sacms
1. Stockguruindia.com about 2 lac members, investment fee 10,000/- rupees, pay 20% per month after investment, Main office was in Delhi.
But in April 2011 company office closed company disappeared.
2. Ebiz
and many More…

Independent analysis of over 350 of the most prominent MLMs leads to the conclusion that virtually all MLMs… are recruitment driven product-based pyramid schemes with a 99% loss rate.

But few questions arise about Speak Asia Online .
1. Why they charge for registration from users if they earn from surveys?
2. Does they Registered in INDIA?
3. Does they Tax payee of INDIA?
4. Look like main objective in member chain then survey?

How this work
For example:
Suppose, If there is 100 member, every month every member atleast referral one new user for signup membership by investing 11,000/- so 100 new signups.

Calculation goes like this
Company Earnings = 100 New users * 11000/- = 11,00,000/- per month
100 current users payout = 100 current user * 4000/- = 4,00,000/- per month

Company Profit = 7,00,000/- per month

What when company earning ratio goes down?

Everyone talking about they advertisement in IPL match cost rupees 4lac per match.
If they spent 4lac, there are about 1 Billion+ population of India, if only 100 people join by watch this advertisement about 11 lac they earn.
100*11000= 11,00,000

Star News Report on SpeakAsiaOnline

Must read this comment by our user If anyone have answer of His question : Gulzar Khan

Thats about it; A review of Speak Asia Online panelist survey. Use your own judgment before putting your hard-earned money into it.

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  • Ramandeep Gill

    Hello Frnds..
    I started with one ID in speakaisa n till date i hve 11 IDs in speakasia..n i m very proud to b speakasian…i m getting more thn 35000 monthly but now ….yeh saale gatiyaa star news waalo ki vajah se goverment has closed speakasia bank account so they cant make payouts.i hope ki ek din fir speakasia usi tarah kaam karna shuru kar degi jese pehle karti thi.Or star news waalo tum b sun lo agar tumra koi banda mere sehar mein aa geya to maa kasam usse itna maaru gaa ki ???bas mann ko tasali mil jayegi or keya….i always pray for speakasia and all speakasian tht one day we will show the world n tht fu**** starnews tht ki yeh hum aam bando ki company hai or isse tum jese tucche log band nahi kerwa sakte…..hoping for d best!!!
    EMAIL ID:gia_gill42@yahoo.com

  • santokh singh

    what is the future of speakasia?

  • Atish Mhatre

    hi friends, speak asia baddal kunihi gairsamaj karun gheu naye….hi 1 genuan company aahe….jar hi co. froud asati tar tyanni press conferance kashala ghetali asati, UOB bank of singapore baddal suprim court madhe ka gele asate…aajach speakasiaonline.com var tyani hi company fraud nasalyache 1 letter scan karun publish kele aahe….u think on that…mi january mahinyat Rs. 11000/- bharale hote…tyanantar mi 11 member add kelet…mala tyach veli 27000/- milale aani dar mahinyala mala 10 te 11 hajar income chalu aahe….aapan aapale kaam chalu theuya….news valyana tyanche kaam karu dyat….dont worry…aaj paryant khup survey companya band zalya…mala manya aahe pan tyanchi kuthe jahirat, kuthe seminars, kuthe functions ase kahich navhate….speak asia hi 1 khari company aahe…aapan tyavar vishwas thevala pahije….karan aapan speakasia chya family madhil ek bhag aahot….proud to be an speakasian…..atish mhatre mumbai- idbi bank ltd…9769209919

  • sandip

    hi, i am speakasian, i have demanded my pending 6000 to co. but always a msg. getting to me ‘co. fighting . . .very soon u will get ur payment’ & now theres a news on star maza i.e. govt sealed all the co. agents bank acc. what should i do now?
    ab samzo jo gaye wo gaye, jo aaye wo aaye . . .


    i want to say why media is now sleeping after 1 news flash. is they want to show their dadagiri. if not then flash the news again & again. so i feel thay are making fool. i dont believe star news. if the scam is true then all channels show this again & again. as u must in all news channels. 

  • Sandip

    hi friends, starmaza ne speakasia ki pol khol di hai. unke singapoor office me team pahunchi to sirf 4 log kam kar rahe hai ,jo ki co. karodo ka karobar karti hai, office bhi kitni jagh me? only 400sq feet area me.ab to co. kabhi bhi apna bistar jama kar sakti hai. apne kamai ke paise invest mat karo.

    • Nan

      Think about it…..if there was no office existing at all then it would have been a problem…but there is an office existing….as some news channels showed 4 employees , and some shown 9 employees…whatever is the case its an internet working structure…it really does not matter as long as the company is existing

  • suresh

    if speakasiaonline business is true , compnay must be present business detail in ministries with proof and must be start their offices in india, otherwise compnay if not liable , we can trust if compnay open thier offices in india and get start the business indian base, otherwise  doubts are unclear, 
    pasie ke chamak sabko accchi lagti ha lekin compnay ke profile par sawal utth rahe hai compnay ko chahiye govt . authoroties  se clearn chit le tabhi kaam ho sakega otherwise finish

  • sandip

    Hi mrinal ur exp is different than me ,if theres all well in co. why the surveys not getting me properly online? &its the problem of my many of friends.A quiz,a news on star maza,co. is registered in Singapore but it not passed the conditions of that govt. hence it is unable to trust. Also in the press conf. on16may co. declares that it not responsible to return any coin for customer so how u trust on it? And why co. incising subscribing charge since 20th may, if it gets thousands of customer daily?

  • mohammed farooq

    joo kuch star news wle dekha rahe hai sab just TRP k liye hai hame samaj jana chahiye sale jab india mai har tarh ka ghotala hota hai to ye kaha rahate hai jab ki India mai itne khotale ho choke hai k india ek apahij jayese lagnelaga hai ye sare neta ghotala kare tab sahi hai, lekin koi ghotala kar k O pisa janta mai bate to O ford hai waw kya insaf hai bhai…

  • mrinal

    I want to tell you star people very properly that you guys join speakasia and understand the concept..by the way fellow citizens of INDIA plz check this http://starpanel.startv.in/
    Now tell me intelligent people of our country…..what does it mean???? Isn’t it a kind of stuff they are using only for business competition???? or mayb jealousy…….fight fair………….

  • tarun

    ye salle speaks asia wale sache hai toh money back guaranty kyo nai dete..sab bakwas na toh ye idsa se approvd hai…india ka youth sudhar jao….varna barbad ho jaoge long term vision rakho…,9910530253

    • mrinal

      u go buy something genuine from a branded store and  you mess up with it…is the brand going to pay you back???? I think you got your answer…it is your decision…..spaekasia is genuine and it pays you only when you WORK…..we do  not follow FREE mONEY policy….NO work no pay

  • shruti

    mere six thousand Rs to aaye h par aaj k khabre bahut pareshan karne bale h aage kiya hoga ?

  • A.N.Tewari

    hi, friends, i m not speak asian but lot of people attached with that company. sarkare din dharey logo jeb kat rahi hai, un per ungli uthaney wala kaun hai.

  • Mahesh

    I m mahesh, Hi friend, main ne speakasia me date 7/4 ko join kiya he or muje 5000 mile he. Or aane vale mangalvar ko or minege, MANGAL Hai to sab Mangal hai.

  • sandip

    today i have called in the spkasia office &gotten the information , on tuesday there will a press conference of company head chief ,on that day it will confirm is spkasia true or not?

  • deepak

    star news is fraud

  • Sahil ahlu walia

    Sabse bada rog , kya kahenge log !! Hai guys !! Speakasia is a terriffic company !! This is happening bcoz speakasia f_ _ks d other mlm company..such as ‘EBIZ’ n ram survey etc and starts to giv chance 2 every comman man….to become rich..i m sure dat starnews has taken money to insult spkasia….really bad channel….i m proud 2 be a spkasian….

  • Jotiba

    i am speakasian and i have earned more than that i invest and now someone comes and said don’t trust this company how its possible? I invested money in speakasia in my most critical situations. and it pays me back….simply its very hard to believe that speakasia is fraud….

    • Nishant

      Did u receive the now also plzs give me the feedback

  • rohit

    speakasia doing well, star news doing it just fro trp, & government ka kya hai wo to petrol ke price hi nai rok payee, wo kya khaak khilayegi logo ko. 

  • sandip sonawane

    I am A farmer and i have yesterday invested 11000rs .whenever i seen the news on star maza,i feel very unconcious what can i do now? i lost all the faith about speakasia.

    • mrinal

      fill up your surveys you will get paid………

    • Nan

      Don’t worry…you will get paid…and stop watching the news…infact they have stopped mentioning about speak asia anymore

  • Sagar

    Priya, have you evr attended a meeting of speak asia. First, attend meetings, study whole thngs n see urself n then talk? Never evr run behind of money money money firstly.

  • Sagar

    Agar media ko ek bhi khabar nahi mili, toh media kaise chalegi??? The main Aim of Media – Ek hi baat ko chingam ke mafik mith-masala lagake logo tak bhadkana. Zee news is always fake. I thnk now onwrds, no one wil watch zee news. These news channels always spread negative things as usual. Agar koi ( Media & Negative People ) apke khilaf ho, toh samjho bahut tarakki kar rahe ho (speakasia). Proud to be a speakasian. Go ahead speakasia. We are always with you. Sagar – sagarsinghania1988@gmail.com

  • Sagar

    Company already invested 200 crores on their personal web site. Speak asia going 2 start office in Goregaon, Mumbai. Bas media walonka kaam hi hai ki namak masala laga ke dunya ko bhadkana. Usi ke to unko paise milte hai. Dats it simple. We should always be positive & concentrate in our target. Kutte agar bhaunkte hai to bhaunkne do, kuonki unko zor ki bhuk lagti hai. Do watevr they want, we’l work in our positive manner. Sagar

    • mohammed farooq

      Hi, friends
      joo kuch star news wle dekha rahe hai sab just TRP k liye hai hame samaj jana chahiye sale jab india mai har tarh ka ghotala hota hai to ye kaha rahate hai jab ki India mai itne khotale ho choke hai k india ek apahij jayese lagnelaga hai ye sare neta ghotala kare tab sahi hai, lekin koi ghotala kar k O pisa janta mai bate to O ford hai waw kya insaf hai bhai…

  • ansari

    star news wale no pesa khane ka plan banaya h 
    speka asia is honest and star news gives fraud news 

  • Rachit mehrotra

    i m a speak asian and i belive that this is not fake , i had invested Rs 66000 and i earned 25000 per month

    Simple way to earn money
    some day ago one another survey company is getting more business that was ram survet then Etv has shown the add about ram survey is fake site & now they have no effect of this & they are exceeding business and this time this is speak asia no. to say fraud

    when u are getting profit in your business some one will pull your legs that is sure

  • Mohit Agrawal

    Buddy for all educated people its a concept which the semi-literates or illiterates dont understand.
    U r happy if u get 1 on one free product under some scheme but u dnt realize the quality of the product is being tampered with, the surveys which this company puts up is helping people understand the truth which every one must know when going to shopping. Consumer Empowerment

    • Mohit Agrawal

      Jaago grahak jaago (by the honorable govt of India) iss naare ko sarthak karta ha i speakasia

  • vinay

    i have earn 3 las rupees in just our month  and i have invested only 1 lac rupees this is the reson for trust i belive in spaek asia

    • priya

      I have recently joined and yet to receive my first payment. But that is what i am worried of now. The name itself states “speak asia” – they will initially pay so that more people join in through word of mouth and one fine day they will be gone….

      • mrinal

        I doubt u r a speakasian…..wat is the ezine provided to you yhis week? please give me the names….if u r truly a speakasian….you will answer to it asap….

      • Rajesh

        excatly.. same thing has happen to me !!
        i have not received a single amount..

    • Nan

      how did u do it…its amazing…

    • nitu

      If speakasia is not froud then why they have not taken any action against the news channel/ i am speakasian ,recently I have joined and invested Rupees 1,80,000/- in this company tell me what will be the result of it.

      • felex

        hello sir i am also a speakasian, i think u r a foolish men, why did u invest such huge amount in that company,

  • Prabhakar Singh

    My friends maine speakasiaonline ka aid imagine channel par dekha mujhe imagine channel per poora vishwash hai, mai janta hun ki koyee froud company ka prachar nahi karega, badi-badi hastiyan aise hi speakasia ko saport nahi krti. Speak asia me dam hai bas use apane sare plan ko media ko samjhana hoga jisase logo me aur vishwas paida ho.

  • Manish Rao

    i am an speak asian and i think star news wrong , his news is fake ,they have no any proof that company is fraud.Concept is simple u give honest opinion on surveys u get paid . And ( JO bhi ho Frd Life Ek bar to risk lena hota he .. N … Wo liya Pesa aa raha he Acha he .)

  • jitendra

    or haa 21 may ke baad speak asia indian govt ko 10.36% tak degi  to froud kesi hui  or haa speakasia aug mai apna t.v chanllel  start kar rehi hai .. yeh sub problem hui hai goa feast ke kaaran …..kyo ki wo bhut accha hua hai ………juys  tension nahi lene ka ……………….jitendra choudhary (jaipur) 9024556777

    • nitu

      I am invested Rs. 1,80,000?- in speakasia company but after watching the news of fraud of speakasia then I am worried very much tell me what will happen..give me your Guinness reply on my email address.

    • Zubair

      Jitendar ko bool rha hoon.

  • jitendra

    dosto star news jhuti hai kyo ki aap search karo abh star news bhi survey company open kar rehi hai  dosto kuch nahi hai daro mat …..yeh sub in logo ki chal hai ki speak asia ko badnaam karo …………..yeh news kisi or pe kyo nahi aayi socho jara or speakasia nai 72 hr mai jawab dene ka kaha hai to my dear friends tension mat lo ………………………………jitendra choudhary  (jaipur) 9024556777.

    • priya

      how do you know that speak asia is going to start its channel. they have not mentioned any such thing on their site.

      • mrinal

        You have a T.V? Watch it on air……….by the end of this year

  • aman

    yar muje ye nahi samz aata agar pase kamana itna aasan hai to india me garbi dur ho jayegi.study ki jarurat kya hai . bap apne bete ko 22000 dega aur uska beta 8000 kamane lagega. wah re bevkufoo.speak asia kab tak india me logo ko bevkuf banayegi

  • sushil mishra

    it is one of the biggest flaw of our judiciary system that until and unless the crime is being committed or cheating is being committed the action cannot be taken.. ultimately some regulations and checks has to be maintained which will help the COMMON MAN of the country…… :-)

    • mrinal

      I totally agree with your view but u must know about it in details then raise questions……….go to any business conference in your city and try to understand the concept…..it is very new and innovative so don’t go 4 speculation coz u  might be the target for no reason……….kindly follow this n tell me what shall we do??? I think we should lauf at these news channels for sensationalizing it???

  • mohammad danish iqbal

    can government stop this illegal business or not. i think there is also a share of government in these companies. 

  • http://itechriver.com chiranjiv Kumar

    Where star news was sleeping one year or say atleast 6 months back when speak Asia started it’s marketing? Why not that time you captured this news? Now company has already crossed 1.5 million panelist and made billion of money then you media channel is bringing into our notice. Now what we should do who has already put the money.

    • Priyanka Desai

      Why were you stupid enough to put your money? You cannot blame other things (media, government, etc.) for your own greed. Some one tells you that hey you know want you can earn money without working and you believe it, I think you deserve it.

      • trk

        hey if we have no system to find out is it fraud or not . we surly ask the government is it right or wrong . who will tell us the right think . if there is no rule to do business like this then gov should to regulate to these fraud company . so this the duty of gov and media too.

        • mti

          you are right…….if any thing fraud the govt should make rules……this country and its policy ruled by the govt.

      • mrinal

        Miss u better know about it and comment….speakasia will not pay you back even a single coin if YOU DO NOT WORK……Understand the concept miss

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  • http://www.consumerscomplaints.in Marut

    Hi dear
    These same question from my side
    1.Company has registered in india
    2. did they pay in india 3.did they deduct tds in india

  • Marut

    This is not good company ,they have not any clear goal and any proper communication address in india

    My suggestion that avoid this compnay untill it will not give proper details


  • Satya


    I don’t care about negative comments. I have joined with 99,000 in October 2010 and am earning 36,000 per month. For more info contact me at topaz790@yahoo.com.


    • suresh

      lekin sir lot of negativity, and lots of pressure of media and govt authoroties , compnay  is not satisfy the govt. authoroties, how its survive, 

    • vikas

      d1.kumar82@gmail.com Pls Confrom this right aur not

    • vijay tipnis

      satya, you must be on this fake companies pay role thats why you are praising this fraud company.. i have lost my hard earned money. govt. must take action against this fake company otherwise many innocent people will loose their hard earned money. so please be aware from this fraud company.

    • vijay

      you dont care about the negative comments then invest another five lakhs & earn much more than expected & live in comfort for rest of your life.