Osama Bin laden dead funny Pictures and Quotes

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  • Bin Laden

    I m not dead yet.Sea creatures are still fucking my dumb ass each day, oh my God,what a fuck!!!

  • Amir Gour

    May God Give him piece in heaven..

  • prakash bakalagi

    welll done ……….USA.. i think ossama is the bludy human in the hole univers ..

    • sameer

      u r wrong prakash.

  • Jon wilyon

    Hi every person in the world , we heard from American solder that says we killed osma binu ladin , as we aware of osman and america were friend before on 1990 and they fought together to destroyed the government of Moscow (rashia) at that time America was very happy to have a good friend Osama but when they successed the war of Moscow, America was become the enemy of Osama because, America wanted Osma to take the odder of American which is related the law of Democracy and osma already awarded of that , now it takes more time to understand each other, so if American says that we killed Osama and they didn’t Shaw us his body, how we can believe
    More economy of America lose more security, another information says Osama dead before 6 month about his kidney (kidney) when inter surgical kidney

    Now the American Cooperation to control in his need is over but, it is necessarily to ask you what aim of America to do every time is

    More Question in here please,(Ask yourself with seeing your knowledge)

    1. What is American want in the future?
    2. How to going on the American cooperation to attack?
    3. What is different between America and Osama?
    4. What is the relation ship between Alqaida and America?
    5. Who is terrorism in the world?
    6. What is the terrorism?
    7. Where is to get terrorism?
    8. Who do it?
    9. Are you terrorism?
    10. Where are you on now ?

  • dawood

    if india kills me well and good then i will have someone to talk you know osama 
    i wish we could have dogfight 
    oh india pls kill dont torture me to find next serial bomb

  • oassama

    you dumb asses , brain washed , rednecks , ignorant fucks , just go to any video , you can see oassama was dead long ago all the videos that came out since 2001 he looks younger and younger … and the video he has made in 2001saying it wasn’t him he was almost paralyzed from one side , if you dumb asses get off the couch and Google you can find the truth right in front of you
    start here you might get smarter little , but even if i present you proofs , you are so brain washed you still believe what the media feeding you

  • riziiiiii

    If next tsunami comes in USA ! its Responsible ll osama , coz osama’s dead body in sea:P=D

    • dawood

      thats a good one AW SNAP!!!

  • paramveer singh

    I love OSama . :D :D
    he he he he he . nobody had the guts to stand infront of the America , it did it damn well

    • k9

      Hey stupid, you love Osama because you are his son, idiot! Glory to the World he is dead and you are next stinky murderer. You don’t deserve to live just like your father that’s why he is shot! He deserves nothing but torture in hell. Your own people couln’t even take you little boy, so is your dead father. I rejoice to the fact that you are banned from your own country, because you are killing and torturing your own people, you’re a pice of dirt! I just want to remind you idiot, that he has now reached his eternal place which is the burning hell. Don’t worry, you’ll find your way there because you are next.

      • dawood

        you should not say like that! not good you know AW SNAP!!!

  • bin laden

    you think osama died poor you people 
    osama is alive and yes he is from the CIA the son of the bitch is an agent 

  • abumalek

    Where, O God of Justice
    Where the weight of things

    Osama is killed people in the towers

    Cia, which does not equal Guetltamohm Boseltankm you and about your men and Prusaskm Filstin in Iraq and Afghanistan and many others ..

    God commanded us in the Holy Quran to justice and the look of things just

    Osama made ​​a mistake and yes, a mistake, but his mistake is your fault for success

    God bless Osama ..

    Matt also wants

    Died a martyr

    And Serhmh God that truth with him

  • k9

    I lost friends in the September 11 terror attack by this idiot. If he is truly dead now, yet, I am not satisfied because he only died once. He only lost one life. Not enough pay back for all the thousands of people he killed and tortured. And none of them are coming back. There’s no justice even if he’s dead now, Because his families are still alive.

    • hassan

      mr dont revenge have you ever seen the clips that how world trade fall own, i think u never seen, sir it was a drama played by your govt with involvement of Jewish, if i m wrong then where were they at the moment and hav u ever think how a trade centre could fall down, dear try to understand with ur mind, i dont mean that i m taking side of osama, i wish he should be punished more  and more but it was his luck but he can never safe from disaster of GOD  

      • charlie not gilbert

        hassan go suck a fat dick. 

  • Dany

    You do not have to be afraid, they must, all the terrorist are going down, just a question of time, you will see. Well done Mr. President, you show the GOP you have what a President have to have. 

    • http://www.whatever.com Jo Mama

      WHATEVER – Osama, I mean Obama is a waste.  He just happened to be at the right place.  It was our incredible soldiers who did the task – not our bonehead of a president.  4 years and done!!!  He is a loser.

  • Chely

    Hmm, I think something bad is going to happen now, i think America only thought (when they had him) about stopping him by killing him and not think about what would/will happen next. Isn’t there like a video were one of his sons said he will get revenge on us now??

    • k9

      His son will be next. He’ll be captured or dead before is revenge. That’s what will happen next.

  • k9

    I don’t even want to speak your ugly name. Your name is as ugly as your face. You’re an ugly dead creature and you won’t rest in peace. Even after death, you will commit murder, only this time it will be in hell. Satan created a lot of enemies for you there. That’s ok murderer, satan will look after you in hell. Stay bad in hell so satan won’t chase you out. You’re special to satan because he prepared a burning hell for you.

  • k9

    I wish they captured him alive and torture him everyday for the rest of his life for the thousands of innocent people he murdered and tortured. This ugly creature won’t even be accepted in hell. He committed too many murders. He beat the owner of hell. I salute the US for putting US bullets in his stinking body.

  • paramveer singh

    a destroyer made by USA has been killed by USA

    • hassan

      yah you said rite, osama was already a agent of USA who used him for destroy the innocent people and himself kiled with a darama

  • John

    ha..ha son of a bitch…..finally died…. he will burn in hell……congratulation…to U.S.A….finally the revenge has been taken…..i will really like to spit on his body….PEACE…..love u USA

    • haseeb

      you want revenge bro take it from ur george w bush.osama was a fiction used to attack innocent people.trust me on this one

    • binladen

      sad person people may be glad binladen died but all this is full of shit

    • sam

      u r wrong john…..I fuck U.S.A

  • Patrick O’Donnell

    Barack Obama May 1 2001: Good evening. Tonight, I can report to the American people and to the world that the United States has conducted an operation that killed Osama bin Laden, the leader of al Qaeda, and a terrorist who’s responsible for the murder of thousands of innocent men, women and children. It was nearly ten years ago that a bright September day was darkened by the worst attack on the American people in our history. The images of 9/11 are seared into our national memory. Hijacked planes cutting through a cloudless September sky, the twin towers collapsing to the ground, black smoke billowing up from the pentagon, the wreckage of flight 93 in Shanksville, Pennsylvania, where the actions of heroic citizens saved even more heartbreak and destruction.

    • harry

      2001 more like 2011!!!

  • Jake

    Oh my god  same day Hitler Died May 1 1945. 

    • Gilbert

      He didn’t die on May 1st Dumbass! They just announced him dead on May 1st.

      • charlie not gilbert

        guess what gil bert you are wrong, you have no idea what you are talking about you stupid, stupid man.