JIM BERKLAND 1989 World’s Series Earthquake Prediction


Jim Berkland successfully predicted the 1989 San Francisco “World Series” earthquake.

(1) His use of anomalous animal behavior has some scientific basis.
(2) For example, the Haicheng China 7.3 earthquake in 1975 was successfully predicted, with evacuations, partly based on peculiar animal behavior and foreshocks. Human lives were saved.
(3) Extremes in tidal forces also have a theoretical scientific basis.

If your dog has run away, there may be an earthquake coming. At least that’s what Jim Berkland might say.As a Santa Clara County geologist in 1989, Berkland says he accurately predicted that a large earthquake would hit the area during the World Series.Berkland, now a resident of Glen Ellen, scours newspapers during periods of new or full moons, to see if there is a high number of missing dogs and cats. He factors that information in with the tides and then predicts the probability of an earthquake hitting within a window of a few weeks

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