Guru Nanak Dev ji Gurpurab 2011 Wallpapers, Photos, Wishes

Guru Nanak Dev ji Gurparab means Birhtday of Guru Nanak Dev ji, Guru Nanak Dev ji the first Sikh guru was born at Nankana Sahab near Lahore in Pakistan in 1469. The birth anniversary of Guru Nanak Dev ji celebrate every year, this year Gurparab 2011celebrating on 11 november 2011. A large number of devotees thronged Gurdwaras, which were beautifully decorated on the occasion, to pay obeisance.The devotees took Langar (community kitchen) organized on the occasion and listen to Shabad Kirtans besides taking a dip in sarovars (tanks) of the shrines. Many people reached Amritsar to visit the Golden Temple which was illuminated for the festival.

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