Funniest News: Bitch (Female Dog) Raped by Drunked man

sorry don’t know.thats funny or not..but i wanna to show u ..what type of news today newspapers provide..Sorry if i break rule

Must read, As it is Written in Punjab Kesari – There are many insensitive criminals around the world, but there are rarely anyone like 35 year old rapist who in drunk condition raped tramp Bitch (female dog). People around streets caught him in act and had beat him up and turned him over at local police station.

At beginning 35 year old told police he was drunk and doesn’t remember anything however after some interrogation, he admitted he raped the bitch (female dog). Police sent his clothes for forensic investigation. On the other side, Bitch (female dog) has not recovered, is in shocked condition and hasn’t had any food and water. After seeing Bitch’s (female dog’s) condition, feeling pity police has assured people that Bitch (female dog) will not be presented in court in front of judge.

Who is Idiot here? hmm 3 Idiots! Rapist, Police, Writer who Printed this News!

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  • shrida

    assholes he should be drowned to death and also this fucking looser who has written that this is a funny news..looser if ur sister was raped like this then you would realize how funny it is…BASTARD!

  • suppi

    omg………horrible……insan…..nahi ….kutta hi hoga…….

  • Maahi

    The way that news written is pathatic,

  • harry ubhi

    now what is come out frm this s.x contact..human..or someone else…

  • khalid hashmi

    wtf how they can print these type of news on paper