Earthquake Today 10 Feb 2012 in India, Dehli, Punjab, Haryana

Earth Quake hits Northern India, Dehli Punjab, Harayan
Today 10 Feb 2012 Earthquake in India at 12.50 am.

Earthquake magnitude 5.1
Depth : 25km

Did you feel it?

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  • nsweadneravel

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  • Lucky

    I did feel it. I was watching a movie on my Laptop and suddenly the Windows/Doors started vibrating. Also the Showcase Mirror got shacked for a while.. I felt it after the one in 2006..

  • mani

    yea i ws on my bed talking over phone nd the bed started sshaking very badly nd the doors of my room started shaking as if sm1 is banging them, one of the doors lead to the balcony so i got scared as i thot sm1 is outside then i realised my legs shaking along the bed so i ran downstairs but my pparents didnt felt it at all …………………….MY DAD SCOLDED ME FOR WAKING HIM UP UNNECESSARILY!!!!!!!! so i ws searching the news online to prove myself up………

  • Shashank

    I was asleep… The noise woke me up….

  • Sushant Sharma

    i feel this earthquack. It was so scary. I call up my parents in uttranchal they did not feel. My tabel or chair skaking feeling like that my room’s door close autometacly looking like ghost did close it. My herts beets became fast.

  • Sushant Sharma

    i feel it about 3 sec. It was very scary. I just start run to out site it stoped. Till now. My parents are in i could not contact them.

  • bawa

    Felt like d bed was shaking , was very clear and lasted for a minute

  • XRacer

    i felt it here in chandigarh. it was mild but i could feel the earth moving below. was on my computer when my chair and leg started to tremble.

  • Rummy

    Yes, in Patiala, i felt it. I thought for a while it was some Ghost who is shaking my bed. I thought of an earthquake also. I Ran to woke everyone up, But then i felt everyone would make fun of me, as it could be my hallucinations due to restless sleeps. It was an earthquake of 5.1 Magnitude.

  • Nirlep

    is there any other probabilty 4 earthquake to cm again..?

  • Shiny

    I too felt for first time…It was horrible ,my bed was shaking ….

  • Abdul Azeem

    Still there is shivering in my limbs…there was sound and also movement was deeply felt…I was a complete different experience…but lucky to be safe!!

  • ravs

    Felt it .. was solid, woke me up

  • Pradeep

    Yup felt it mild here in mohali. Any news on the epicenter or the magnitude. Thought that in the age of digital everything the news would be way faster!!!

  • neyha

    i too felt it…my bed was shaking…but it was very smooth…but lasted long

  • neha julka

    yes i felt t and then i jst thankd my god 4 gvng us beautiful life and may god forgive us 4 mistakes we do intentionaly unintentionaly.

  • guest

    can some1 tell me the magnitude?

  • dhiman

    yooo…faaad di meri toh lol

  • Harycool

    Oh haan Jogindraaaa Haan… :)

  • jk

    yes i did but we are locked in our building and the person who has the key wont open it.

    if this was a big one amd stayed for a longer time we all would have been left here stuck …. hate this

  • bharat

    yes i did :P

  • Sunny

    Yes I did

  • Anuj

    Yes, I experienced it….it was scary……….:(

    • namy

      haha ok now this is funny…i was watching sumthing really funny on youtube and whn it happened i thought my bed was shaking because i laughed so hard…i also thought it might be an earthquake but thn i was like,,,who cares marna toh hai e ek din :p