Delhi Blast: Today Blast outside Delhi High Court 7 Sept 2011

Delhi Blast: Today Blast outside Delhi High Court 7 Sept 2011

Delhi: A powerful blast took place at 10:15 am this morning at the Delhi High Court at Gate no 5. Ten people have died and 50 have been been injured; six of them have been described as being in very critical condition. The injured have been taken to Ram Manohar Lohia Hospital; most have shrapnel injuries.

The Home Ministry has confirmed it was a terror attack and has issued a nation-wide alert. Union Home Minister P Chidambaram made a short statement on the blast in Parliament. He said intelligence information on possible terror attacks in Delhi had been shared with Delhi Police in July this year. He also said it was not possible at this stage to identify which terror group was responsible for the blast. But, the home minister said, forensic experts were at the blast site examining evidence, the National Investigation Agency was handling the case and that the government would ensure the perpetrators were punished. Mr Chidambaram asked people to remain united.

Police said the bomb was kept in a briefcase near a counter where those entering the court get passes made that permit entry into court. Early reports indicate that it was not a crude blast that a sophisticated explosive device was used to cause a blast of medium to high intensity. So powerful was the blast that a crater several feet deep was caused, police said. PTI quoted police sources as saying that they suspected the use of potassium nitrate in the bomb.

At gate No 5, 100 to 200 people were waiting in queue to get passes for entry into the court complex

These are the emergency helpline numbers
AIIMS HELPLINE: 011-2610 1925

RML HOSPITAL HELPLINE: 011- 2374 4721/ 2336 5525



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  • kodimirpal

    This is really a terribly sad day The senseless terrorists have indiscriminately killed the innocent who have absolutely no part in the issues that concern Indian the sub continent, whether it is Kashmir, naxalite, CBCI investigations on corruption and what not. No religion, no philosophy approves the killing of the innocent: an unforgivable terrorist act. There is so much of anger, perpetration of killings and violence on the innocent by the forces in Kashmir and places still there is no logic for killing the innocent who have had no role to play in any such known violences and crimes. Basically it is true that the responsibility for killing the innocent lies with those who perpetrate it. Many of us are inclined to submit to this. In fact the responsibilty is divided between the perpetrators and the basic causes that motivate.

    But in very many cases, whatever the laws say, the moral responsibility for violence is divided between those who perpetrate it and those who provoke it.