14 may Star news – BJP leader going to file case against SpeakAsia

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  • sham

    Abhi tak company hi agar kal company ko media wale bhaga dete hi to 20 laks publice ka paise ka kya hoga huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu media dega socho

  • Bharti Jain

    RBI governor should alert people that public should come together and BAN all corrupt political ministers, BJP leader Kirit Somaiya including MEDIA STAR NEWS, HEADLINES TODAY who has played with the LIFE of 20 LACS innocent families. MEDIA, Political parties and Government they all work for MONEY and not for PEOPLE. These are the sector where the highest MONEY SCAM is done and all these money is kept in SWISS Bank.

    These are the bloody people who should be declared ATANKVADI. ATANK can be in any form physical killing and MENTAL killing of 20 LAC people by broadcasting NEWS of SCAM and probing & using words like PONZY company SPEAKASIA before any illegality is proved.

    Who gave RIGHTS to such MEDIA or Political BJP leader Kirit Somaiya to speak anything RUBBISH till the CRIME is proved. We all 20 LACS panelist of SPEAKASIA should keep KIRIT SOMAIYA in mind and should not give VOTE to such political party BJP.

    Where is the LAW.? What Indian Government has done for the public ? In fact bribing money OPENLY from HAWKERS all over the MUMBAI MUNICIPALITIES Officers and POLICE sold away all the indian roads and foothpath. They have messed up the public in all in such a BAD manner that even if anything EMERGENCY happens there is NOWAY for an AMBULANCE to pass by. Cant this be EXPOSED by STAR NEWS and HEADLINES TODAY every day every minutes. OR this people has kept their EYES closed or FEAR to EXPOSE.

    All Ministers and Indian TOP government bodies are using people’s fund for their security and health. Let the public die?

    A message from and on behalf of 20 LACS panelist that what SPEAKASIA has given to 20 LACS panelist, the government could not give. People who joined SPEAKASIA and TRUST SPEAKASIA includes people of all category like Chartered Accountant, Lawyers, Software Professionals, Housewife, Government Officials, Poor Labor’s, Even Hawkers, Divorcees who has children, Unemployed people, Doctors, Bank Officers, Private Companies….. and one cannot imagine who ALL,……

    As a educated person today i am with SPEAKASIA only because of the concept of selling Direct-To-Customer.Today SPEAKASIA has 20 LAC panelist and we are confident that by December SPEAKASIA will have 1 CRORE member. SPEAKASIA is coming in product selling, Mobile sector, Insurance sector, REAL Estate, TV Channel, SPEAKASIA will make 1000 and 1000 and 1000 of Crores of rupees.

    How this will benefit to INDIAN GOVERNMENT ?
    Lets assume SPEAKASIA has crossed 1 CRORE panelist, it but natural product will be sold at a discounted rate. For ex….
    SPEAKASIA has launched and introduced GERMAN technology made product by the brand name YUG. YUG has all kind of ELECTRONICS product what SAMSUNG & LG or other companies has. Today if i dream to buy 55″ LCD/LED, whatever it may be, branded Companies market cost is around or apporx 55000/- to 60000/-…
    But it is OUT of IMAGINATION that SPEAKASIA through YUG is offering the same category of branded quality product for 35000/- and if you are a SPEAKASIAN the you get 10% reward points too. If your neighbour or your friends like the product they can buy through SPEAKASIANS and what a DEALER earns the similliar kind of profit every SPEAKASIANS earn. This way every SPEAKASIANS will be CROREPATI in a coming 2-3 years. I am talking about 1 product but there are more then CRORES of product whic SPEAKASIA will sell ONLINE. All products that will be sold through SPEAKASIA will get the benefit of FREE SURVEY (Public Opinion) as well as their 10 seconds product advertisement will be played on the website. Companies will directly get order in the range of 40 lacs to 50 lacs, if 50% panelist buy the product.

    How Government will be benefitted?
    Government will be benefitted by various REVENUE like
    1) REVENUE through IMPORT
    2) REVENUE to SERVICE TAX Department.
    3) REVENUE collection – VAT through selling product online
    4) If 1 CRORE panelist earns 40000/- per month per person then yearly income will come under INCOME TAX, so every panelist will be liable for INCOME TAX. So people who was running away from paying INCOME TAX will now have to compulsorily pay INCOME TAX.
    5) Employment generation in Indian economy.
    6) Purchasing Power in India will increase.

    Today under CONGRESS government PETROL price hiked from 20/- to 60/-+ and it is this STAR NEWS, HEADLINES TODAY did not stayed behind in removing clothes of CONGRESS by highlighting towards PETROL HIKE. But unfortunately NO SPEAKASIANS became the target of this PETROL HIKE, because SPEAKASIA gave them the OPPORTUNITY to FIGHT AGAINST all such HIKE by providing an extra income to SURVIVE. 20 LACS SPEAKASIAN is happy and in favor of SPEAKASIA. If by anychance SPEAKASIA comes in PROBLEM, all 20 LACS familes will be attacked OPENLY by the Government because of this STAR NEWS and BJP leader KIRIT SOMAIYA. Noone will favor BJP in future atleast this 20 LAC panelist will be OUT OF BJP.

    It is TRUE for PUBLIC SAFETY, Government should take all necessary steps in VERIFYING the LEAGLITIES needed as per the LAW ans we also EXPECT that SPEAKASIA will be given GREEN CHIT by the Government regulatory bodies. I as a person pray god that we need more companies like SPEAKASIA in this country.20 LACS SPEAKASIAN is having FAITH on SPEAKASIA.

    Last not Least we all 20 LACS panelist is PROUD to be SPEAKASIAN.

  • Bibar

    Media workers please shut down your mouth. The speakasians donot want to listen you. Certainly you are so much caring, loving and concerned people. I am joining with the company with my own interest spending my own money, did it hurt you? If I lose everything and be cheated it will not bring any harm to you, am I right? Why so much Scam in India? Fodder scam, 2G scam just to name few. Are you able to make everything OK by your effort? We do not need your information. Leave it alone and stich up your mouth so that you don’t open your mouth anymore. You are not going to loose anything. Everywhere there lies good and bad, genuine and fraud, right and wrong but don’t bother or don’t let it trouble your mind, this is what the world. Lakhs of speak asians are cursing you and spelling bad words, so beware don’t be cursed otherwise you will not survive long. Don’t show so much concern, why be jealous seeing others fabulous and grooming business? It will be more better if you can star another business for yourself that gives good return. Now-a-days media workers are not trustworthy. People don’t believe. I had many to share but…

    • Ram

      shut up ass hole……..spkasia is a fraud company…….

  • rahulkls

    Hey guys,we will do one thing,we will register starpanel,and give the negative of the negative marking for their survey,as this could help them know more what happens if you give fake news,and what is the reaction of common man,and as they tried to destroy the good image of speak asia,we can also do this.And plus TRP will also get down,and they will know what is their position after the FAKE news.Long Live SPEAKASIAONLINE.COM.

  • Aman

    Hey Star News Go dump yourself, you do not have guts to compete with speakasia. Even I am no where attached to speakasia but I just saw you are there competitors so you are exposing negatively. Search on Google  WHY STAR NEWS AGAINST SPEAKASIA?

  • Speak Asian

    Obama jab se osama ko leke gaye tap se a TV channel ko pas to news hai nehi,o bhi jinda hota usime jute rahte,o obama ne marke le gaye. Medhak kuye me bhi kuchh kar de to harek ko pata lagta hai massege jata hai sabiko ,athna bara khabar 1-2 channel ke alaba koi nehi dekhara hai , Are bhai news channel ka kam public ke pas sehi terekise sehi massege bhejna,jojo galat kiye achha bata bhi batao na? Subese dekrahau or koi khabar nehi hai ,speak asiake pichhe pore hai,mereko to bhai isi star panel mei kuchh kala najar arahai,
    mai ak achhi MNC company job kortahu eha kamse kam 200 admi jor chuke hai,o bhi sabi top lebel ki pore likhe admi kisike pas athna faltu paisa nehi hai laga dega,koi bekub nehi hai, ab tok sabi ko paisa atei jara hai,kisiko agar amdani na ho to kahase denge,mereko jo paisa milta hai o bhi TDS, fund management cgs. katke wapas korte hai,RBI ko service tax joma kroate hai,lagam lagana hai to sabi servey company keliye,a niyam lagu hota hai,aasa na ho jai kal se sabi lok kuchh channel dekna chhor de,agar speak asia fight korke agaya,jinko malum nehi thha usko bhi pata chal jayega,fir to speak asia ko free me prachar mil jayega, fir hamara desh me doller arahai usse kisiko keya dikkat hai samaj me nehi arahai , 1-2 channel chhorke ajkere din me koi standard channel hai nehi,a sab masala dar khabar prachar nehi hoga to dukan kayse chalega.servey korne me mehanat lagta hai, sab ko pata hai ,a desh ka kuchh mantri or kuchh TV channel kinnor ka kam korta hai,jaha paisa milgaya uhai tali baja dega,barna uhai gali suru hojayega ,ap athna emandar hai to jaiye deshka 70 lakh crore job bahar chalegaye ,uskeliye keya kiyehai? apko bhi paisa kamana hai paisa lagao mehanat karo, malamal ho jao..

  • Rajesh Aneja

    Arre  yaar jo paise kamana chahta hai wo sab kuch bhool kar speak asia join kare. Is mahangai ke daur main jab kharcha chalna muschil ho raha hai to speak asia join kar apne kuch time to acchi tareh se nikal lo. Star News, Aaj tak inhe inka kaam karne do aur tum apna kaam karo. Koi bhi Sarkar,bank ya business aapo itna return nahi de sakta islia dosto hurry up .
     Main ek baat aur kehna chahta haun ki India main about 20 network company  aur  isi tareh ka Survey karwa ka Income de rehi hai jaise Ram Survey, GB Asia, UK Addworld,,Arero LIte etc. Inke bare main bhi media ko sochna chahiya 
      Sahi to yeh hota ki jab koi nai co. shuru ho tabhi uska bare me media main display ho. baad main to un 16 lakh logon ka nuksan ho raha hai jo company to jud chuke hai

  • tejas

    speakasia is good biggest suryey company

  • Raj

    koi hai jo speak aisa online ka email adress de sakta hai….mujhe co. ko ek important mail karna hai , mujhe pata laga hai co. ka speck aisan ke saath ek or indirect fraud hai 

  • balaji

    Star news & Aaj tak ochhi mansikta our ghotale bajo ka spoter chanal hai. kirit somaiya 1 karod Rs. me bik gya hai. aaj tak ka prabhu chavla 2 G spectram me tata ka Dalal tha. inadia me 3 logo par vishwash nahi kiya ja sakta 
    1- Neta (Leader)
    2- Press Reporter
    3- clark
    ye kabhi bhi bik sakte hai.

  • Shruti

    Ye sab chor hai news wale only dd news true hai.

  • sanjay

    ye start aur aaj tak wale late night mein sms ka gorakh dhanda karke public ko bewakoof banate hain.Rs 12/sms katjata hai aur call bhi nahi lagti is kalakar ko pehchano aur sms karke 1 lakh pao ye sab kya hai hai koi jawab inke paas.inko paisa nahi mila to badnaam kar rahe hain ham sab samjhte hain in jhoote channelon ko. Proud to be speakasian enjoy 20 lakh work force together we can & we will make a difference.

  • shashi verma

    starnews channel ne apna survey cmp. starpanel ke naam sel launch kiya hai isliye ye speakasia ke bare mein aisi afwaye faila rahi hai jo ki bahut hi sharm ki baat hai. aur bhi to survey compania hai uske bare mein kyo nahi bol rahi hai sedhi se baat hain star news ko speakasia se darr lag raha hai.arrey hosh mein aayo starnews channel walo. THANKS

  • shashi verma

    starnews channel ne apna survey cmp. starpanel ke naam sel launch kiya hai isliye ye speakasia ke bare mein aisi afwaye

  • sarswati

    hi star news.sambalkke raho.kiyuki speakasia me 2000000 lacks penalist hai appko bach ke rehana hai,aur hamara indiyka kashiyat hai ek kutha bokaneka bad dusar kutha anike star news aur ajtak be boknelagaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa mediya wallo toda

  • sachinder yadav

    now the star news is saying that speakasia is not registered in singapore also

  • sachinder yadav

    speakasia do apress confeerence as soon as possible

  • preethi

    hum jo bhi invest kare woh hume 2 mahine mai vapas milraha hai to fraud kaisa?

  • raj sharma

    speakasia is best companies than other companies. star news me jo bhi dikhaya ja rah hai wah sab galat hai. star news walo ke kuch kaam dhandha rahta nahi hai. star news wale kitna  bhi yeh sab lekin mai apni 20 ID lagaunga.star news ki baate ek kaan se suno dusre kaan se bahar nikal do. mai to kahta hu star news wale jo bhi news dikhate hai wo sabhi news galat rahti hai. mai to kahata hu ki star news channel hi fraud hai. 

  • Sagar

    Such much GAALI khane ke layak ho tum STAR NEWS walon. Kya hua, tumhara STARPANEL.COM nahi chal raha hai kya? Are media walo, star news ke team me se aise bahut se log speakasia me bhi hai. Hamari society ka ek star news reporter hai jo spkasia me bhi hai All i can say dat star news is jealous nw because of spkasia’s excellent business. So i PROUDLY say dat STAR NEWS IS FAKE. STAR NEWS TEAM ALREADY MAKE A TALE N THEY REPEAT AGAIN N AGAIN N AGAIN N AGAIN N AGAIN AGAIN ON T.V. Jaago grahak Jaago yeh MITH-MASALA nahi hai toh kya hai ??? Cameraman SAGAR

    • shashi verma


  • Roney

    Hey guys rmp has made a deal with starnews and ajj tak to spoil the name of speak asia dont worry guys im stil earning 15000 per mth to know more about speak asia mail me jason2592@gmail.com

  • man

    jab se star news ne apni news di hai tab se hamara kam or bhi asan ho gay hai . bina plan ke entry aa rahi hai thanks  star news. tum log makki maro tumare pas or kuch kam to hai nahi?  aaj kal aap logo ke pass news to hoti nahi hai bus yahi sub kartein raha karo…….sayad tumahra gujara chal jaye……speak asia ne berojgari kam kar di hai tum kahtein ho wo frod hai ….sarm aniy jahiye aaplogo ko…………

    • preethi

      BILKUL sahi kaha. speakasia ne inko bhi kaam de diya becaro ko apna kaam karne do hum apna kaam karenge. PROUD TO BE SPEAKASIAN

      • Ram

        shut up ass hole wht proud to be spkasia !!

  • hema

    Bjp and starnews. Both needs cheap publicity so both of them are doing this ? Instead of speakasia bjp should meet finance minister for lowering all prices? They should think for tguis issue and not about speakasia ? Where they weresince last 1 year ?why now? Is there any politics behind this? Starnews be alert ?

  • Mohan Singh

    Please India Ko Samjo News Channel Walo Respect Karna Siko Educated Hokar Arquiment, Blaim Jhuti News, Kisi ko badnam Karna New Channel Ki Success Nahi Ho Sakti. Imandari SE Kaam Karoge Tau Kuch Ban Jaoge Nahi Tau Speak Asia Le 15 Lack Log Tumhara Channel Dekhna Tau Kya KOi Kewal Mai Add HI Nahi HOne Dega Aur Networking Ki Power Samaj Lo Nahi Tau Sayad Apka Channel Ka Naam Bi kisi ko yaad bi nahi rahega.

    It’s Suggestion Maan Lo SpeakAsia Mai Dam Hai SikhLo Kuch WArna Sorry

  • Mohan Singh

        Ab Channel Nahi Chal Raha Tau SpeakAsia ko Fraud Batakar TRP Batorne Ka Sahi Tarika Hai, Star New Aur Zee News Ka Very Good Job Mr. Specialist, Par Janab Dusro Ko Khanjar Marne Wale Khanjar Ka KHud Bi Sikar Bante Hai, Har Networking Marketing Mai Mostly Invest Kiya Jata Hai, Aaj TAk INpar Anguli Kyu Nahi Uthai Janab Naam Show Kru Kya. AVON, TupperWAre, Amway, RMP Agar Pata Ho TAu SpeakAsia Ek Aisi Survey Company Hai Jo Networking Ke Madhyam Se Bi 1 Saal Mai Bulandi Ko Chu Gai Hai, Aur Kamyabi Insaan Se Dekhi Kha Jaati Hai. Ab Andar Ki Baate Speakasia Bata Dega tau kya waha tak aap news channel chodkar survey ka business start kar loge , VEry Good Job.
    Abi Company Ki Itni Jyada Publicity Nahi Hui Thi Par Aap Channel Walo Ne PUblicity Karke Highlight Kar Diya VEry Good Ab SAyad Kaam Aur Bi Aasan Ho GAya Hai, Tau Ek Kaam Kariye Janab Star News Se Kahiye Ek Nahi 10 ID Aap Bi Le LO KUki iske baad News Ki TRP mai baroti nahi hogi , lekin survey form karke ham tumhe rojgar denge Monthly Income Bager kuch kare Milenge 40000 rupey, trust me muje tau milte hai logo se pata kar lo. ab cahe speakasia apne ghar se de rahi ho. Commitment tau pura kar rahi hai. 

  • op yadav

    star news bataye jo k.b.c aur anya programo me paisa diya jata hai kaha se aata hai k.b.c me sawalo ke badale karodpati banate  ho wo kala dhan to nahi hai

    • preethi

      sahi hai bade log jo bhi karte hai star news ke liye badi khabar hai. Speak asia sabko kamane ka moka de rahi hai to bina sabooto ke hava mai badi badi afwaye faila rahe hai

  • op yadav

    star news ke pas koi khabar nahi hai .ye ek khud frod news chanel hai

    • preethi

      har asli cheez ko thook peeth ke parkha jata hai, inko bhi parkha ne do. PROUD TO BE SPEAK ASIAN

      • hrsunrise2006

        Dear Speakasian,
        Dont be panick. News channel has to make some news and get the people attraction to their channel and politicians have no other work so they have to do something to get some fame. Can Star News provide jobs to common people? Can this politician give job to common people or their livlihood?

        All these are non-sense and dont be panick. If Speakasian is a frauch they could have vanished.

        • hrsunrise2006

          Speakasia is not a Fraud.

  • Sunil

    There is no fraud don’t worry Star News apna ullu sidha kr raha hai.Rahi BJP Balon ki baat to inke pass koikam nai hai.

  • ruchika sharma

    speak asia ka hi naam kiyun liya jaa raha hai dusri bhi survey company hai unka kya unka agar aapke paas clear evidence hai to show nahi to stop showing fake news

    • anky

      ek kahabat yeh bhi hai kutte bhonkte rhte sher apna shikar kar ke chala jata hai or bo shikar tum or tumhare saath jude log banege… samjho kuchh … agar branded companies speak asia ko financially support kar rahi hain to speak asia tumhe membership fee ke roop me paise kyon thag rahi hain……………. samjho…. 

      • dayanand k

        agar terko free me work diyato to 100% work nahi karega,agar to paisa deke karega, tho 100% nahi 200% work karega. aur speakasia ka bareme kya kahoo geniun me geniun hai. is compny ko dekke star news walonko julus ho rahe hai aur unke pass dusara news nahi hai.islye speakasia ka bareme fake news pe fake news tv pe bistr kar rahe hai aur publick ko galat rastepe le jaa rahe hai.star news wale shayad itna soyete lagata hai 2000000 lacks log jama honeka bad jag gaye hai itana din unko speakasiaka bareme malum hi nahita star news bandle news chanel hai

    • Anand

      STAR NEWS wale ka bhi starpanel.com  surbey website hai speak asia me etane log judd rahe hai to star panel me koi interrest nahi le raha hai …….  star wale jelous hai ,, dekhate hai, aur aisa hota to DD News channel pe dekhate par cchorddo , 

  • sanjay kumar

    please privide full information about this the company starts this before 1 yar ago and u must have to informe at that time .

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